About the Food Ministry

Lexington Baptist Church facilitates a Mobile Food Ministry, a community-supported effort to assist individuals and families in our community with fresh and non-perishable groceries. 

Food is distributed on the second Monday of each month at 4:00 PM.

The food is assimilated into crates by a team of volunteers. Recipients are asked to complete a short form and answer some basic questions in order to receive food. We are able to provide one crate per family, so that we may serve as many families as possible.


Delivered Straight to Vehicles

Once all of the food is separated into individual crates, it is moved to holding tables outside of the Logan Family Ministry Center and traffic is directed around the church campus, southward on Meson Street to the receiving zone. (Meson Street is typically a one-way street in the opposite direction.)

Recipients are greeted by a volunteers and the food is placed directly in the vehicle. Of course, there are no costs involved in receiving assistance from the Mobile Food Ministry.


Mobile Food Ministry Partnerships

We are grateful to the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia for sending a truck full of food supplies each month.

The Oglethorpe County Sheriffs Department is also a very helpful partner each month, assisting with food distribution and with the management of vehicular traffic.